• Marine Wood Picture Frame

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    This Marine Wood Picture Frame was handcrafted with unique style and is part of our Ocean Collection! It is a mixed media  of wood with a vary rare patina and metal work.  It was designed a to hold one standard size photo 4x6. The glass that protects your fondest photo can be easily removed from an opening in the back of the frame.

    Ocean Collection

    Consisting of mostly Douglas Fir, this marine salvage was sourced from three locations off the San Diego coast.  In 2011, the 150-foot bait barge, formerly a linchpin in the Southern California fishing industry for four decades, was destroyed by the swell that crossed the Pacific Ocean following the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Subsequent to that, the submerged offshore bait tanks were dismantled one by one and are now being used to create thoughtfully designed, handmade furniture.  Pictures themselves cannot do justice to the natural beauty of this salvaged wood.  You’ll find an exquisite distressed surface, with dramatic and unusual color patterns, noticeably more vivid than most aged lumber.  Many variables combine to naturally create such a unique patina including: the pressure treating process, oxidation and chemical reactions in the salt water, as well as small organic marine growths. To further describe: gorgeous turquoise/aquamarine greens and blues contrast with rusty oranges to provide the predominant tonal palette.  Some pieces even show reds and bright blues or even spots of yellow.  Less common but occasionally found are an unusual mixture of purple and orange or even a coating of distressed white.  In the larger pieces of this salvaged lumber we found highly oxidized industrial bolts and washers, which can be sealed and are often used in our designs.  The individual boards exhibit a lovely straight grain, and due to being marine-pressure-treated, remain solid and sturdy.  This wood is completely safe for indoor use being completely odor-free.  However, it also proves to be highly durable and water resistant -- allowing great opportunities for outdoor use likewise.


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