Epoxy Resin 2 part - 2 gallon kit


Colorado glacier is made by Advanced resin technologies and is an innovative remodeling system for your countertops, floors, wall systems, resin casts, mica induced color pours and outdoor applications. Colorado glacier products are known for their outstanding quality and many benefits that customers enjoy. Some of the benefits of Advanced resin Technologies  products include durability, customizable design, and an antibacterial surface.


Advanced resin Technologies manufactures a 100% solids, zero VOC epoxy that is mixed with colors to create both natural and fantastic abstract designs. Because this epoxy has no toxins and is stain resistant, it is completely food safe and very easy to clean. Colorado Glacier is also uv resistant and heat resistant up to 600 degrees, and up to 800 degrees when used with our patented shield product.



We have become a dealer of this epoxy product, We sell 2 part epoxy kits that are 2 gallons each, Casting epoxy, 38 colors of mica powder and also 9 prime colors. This epoxy is UV resistant and is heat resistant to 600 degrees, The mix itself is super high quality and dries harder than any epoxy product we have ever worked with hands down and is very good when it comes to wood slabs. We pour 100 gallons a month currently and have had a varible track record using this product.  It is definitely reliable every use.