5/4 Walnut 01


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Eastern Black Walnut 01

Beautiful in color!  It has been dried using a state of the art vacuum kiln, a process that doesn't change the character or the color of walnut. 

Approximate Measure:

1.25" x 11-17" x 96"

Varying Species 5/4 Live Edge Slabs

Our 5/4 inventory is constantly changing.  Pricing ranges between $60 - $150 per board, depending on size, character and species.

At any given time, in our in-store inventory, you may find species like:

Walnut, Cottonwood, Sycamore, Pecan, Cherry, Maple, Sweet Gum, Mulberry, or Ash

Generally speaking we do not list our 5/4 Inventory online, as the product moves so quickly.  Please stop by the shop during normal business hours to see what is available today!

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