Reclaimed Secrets has been in the furniture business for over 15 years, Has made over 3000 projects.  We are known to be extremely easy to work with and artistically in bound to your needs.  We were in the top running for Martha Stewart's handmade in America 3 years in a row.

Reclaimed Secrets is a full scale sustainable furniture design company.  We UP-cycle Wood, Metals and utter trash to beautiful new beginnings in furniture design and concepts.  Reclaimed Secrets is full service: from sourcing of the materials, to the design and creation of the project, to Client relations, Packaging and shipped on time to customers worldwide. We custom build furniture orders from clients on a daily basis and are willing to take on almost any project imaginable.

Come and see us live in our shop.  Pick your own wood and design your next project!

2912 South Highland Dr.

Unit F

Las Vegas NV 89109

(702) 941 - 7688